Broadcasting from the Likud Central Election Headquarters

In order to facilitate the smooth security and organizational arrangements, we are explaining all
of the specifics.

A high-fenced compound will be constructed for various TV channels to set up their
communication needs. The space will allocated to TV channels only which will set up a table
and a 3(width) meter by 4(depth) meter panel. There will be a 2 by 2 meter Standup-Station.
Electrical outlets points will be allocated to each position. The posts will be marked on the

The broadcasting unit will be located outside of Binyanei Ha'uma in the yard area. No vehicles
will be allowed to enter except for broadcasting unit. The area does not have electrical outlets
and other arrangements must be prepared accordingly. Additionally, there will be a radio unit
installed next to the broadcasting unit with a press box to help with the sound.

The main event will be covered and broadcasted (4 cameras) by the Likud. Final details about
this will be sent by April 7th, 2019.

A separate compound will be built for the still photographers.

Bringing a broadcasting car to the compound requires an upfront fee made to Binyanei HaUma.
For details, please call 026558502. If you need additional broadcasting cables, please contact
Binyanei HaUma.

Due to the security arrangements, it is necessary to arrive the night before in order to establish
the broadcasting stations. After 5:00 am, no infrastructure (such as improvised studios) will be
installed in the hall.

Equipment arriving after 5:00 am will have to go through inspection. The rest of the equipment
in the hall will be inspected and we can not guarantee that the equipment will enter. If there is a

problem with the equipment in the hall, we will contact you. We recommend setting up the
broadcasting infrastructure by 5:00 AM. The main hall will be completely closed from 6:00 to

It will be possible to connect לפיד הפול on the spot inorder broadcast directly to the studios.
Due to the security arrangements, we request that an organized list of authorized officials
(according to the table below) be sent in addition the journalists' documents by Tuesday April

Event Schedule for Tuesday April 9th:
00:00 - Inserting and assembling equipment (photography, lighting, photography)
05:00 - Security check until 12:00 (hall will be closed !!!)
14:00 - Entry of officials
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